Aeg Lavamat 74850M And Bosch Axxis Wfl 2060

AEG 74850M LAVAMAT washerAEG has a reputation for the design of washing machines looking strong for its customers. One model is by AEG washing 74850M LAVAMAT. Constructed using stainless steel materials, LAVAMAT 74850M washer is equipped with a maximum speed of 1400 rpm (revolutions per minute). In terms of cleaning performance, most reviewers gave it a ranking A. His performance in rotation is a little less impressive, coming in Class AA B. These washing machines AEG has a loading capacity of 6kg, which is a medium of choice for most family households. He has a good range of programs designed to wash things like a spot stage of action, which aimed to improve while washing the stain required. Another thing that attracted the most attention from consumers that its 64,840 fuzzy program logic circuits. The washing machine will automatically detect all departures from balancing the laundry and re-jig if necessary. This helps prevent wear on the laundry that can occur due to dislocation drum bearings. In addition, 74,850 LAVAMAT has a capacity to monitor the optimal detergent and distributed accordingly to the wash load. It can refine its water level and add more rinse if necessary. Bosch Axxis WFL 2060 Front Load WasherThere are already several reviews of the popular front loading Bosch washing machines. Carefully designed, this model of washing machine has a capacity of 13 pounds. With five options as presets wash permanent press, delicate, hand washing, soaking and cotton, it offers care for your laundry that needs to be hand wash, tumble action to wash normal intense. Wash may take up to an hour but to be a front loading machine, it is more efficient water over a top loader. Due to its motor 220V Bosch Axxis produces sharp spinning noise whenever it is operated. The choice between LAVAMAT AEG 74850M washer and Bosch Axxis WFL 2060 can be a tricky part. If you plan to put your washing machine in the cellar, and Bosch Axxis should be an acceptable choice for you that the noise would be less of a problem. The AEG is slightly larger than in a 7 kg and it would be a wiser choice is that you find the Bosch 6 kg load limiting. Visit http://www. washingmachineadvisor. com for more tips, reviews Washer AEG and advice on different brands of washing machines.